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The Official Book for the Commodore 128 Personal Computer

The Official Book for the Commodore 128 Personal Computer

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"The Official Book for the Commodore 128" by Mitchell Waite and his co-authors is a comprehensive guide that offers valuable insights into the Commodore 128 computer, a classic from the 1980s. This book covers various aspects of the Commodore 128 and is a valuable resource for both beginners and enthusiasts. This book was published by Sams.

Key Features:

  • System Overview: The book starts with an in-depth overview of the Commodore 128, providing readers with a solid understanding of the hardware and capabilities of this iconic computer.
  • Hardware Explored: The book provides insights into the hardware of the Commodore 128, discussing topics such as memory expansion, disk drives, and peripherals.
  • Modes: This book explores the three modes of the commodore 128; 128 Mode, C64 mode and CP/M Mode.
  • Historical Context: Given the book's release during the height of the personal computer revolution, it serves as a historical reference, capturing the technology and programming practices of the era.
  • Collector's Item: As an official guide for a classic computer, this book is also sought after by vintage computer collectors.

"The Official Book for the Commodore 128" is a valuable resource for anyone interested in the Commodore 128, offering a blend of technical information, programming insights, and a nostalgic look back at the computing landscape of its time.



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Book Condition

This item came from the Stone Collection. It was stored in a workshop that was abandoned from sometime around the year 2000 until we bought it in 2022. The shop had minimal heating and no AC so these items were subjected to harsh storage conditions. Books and paper items probably have a musty odor. I am not an expert book appraiser so these are rated as below in my opinion. I do my best but cannot check every page of every book.

  • Like-New - Book is like you would expect off a store shelf in the 1980s
  • Almost-New - Book is in great shape and has any disks or other add ons it originally came with. It has been used and may have some wear and light writing in pencil.
  • Very-Good - Book is complete but may be lightly yellowed and have minimal notes in ink.
  • Good - Book is complete but has some yellowing, creases, writing and/or highlighting. Great as a daily driver but may not be for a collector. May have a musty odor. ad-ons are there but may be separated from the binding (Like a schematic or quick reference sheet).
  • Fair - Book is scruffy and may have significant notes in it, damaged or torn pages, a musty odor and/or other issues. Add-ons may be missing or in poor condition. Binding may be cracked or starting to separate.
  • Poor - It's a train wreck and is probably missing pages, have a split binding or just about anything else you can think of. I would only list a poor book for something very rare or that has important technical value still.

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