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Commodore 64 Computer - NTSC - Kennedy Middle School Machine - REDUCED

Commodore 64 Computer - NTSC - Kennedy Middle School Machine - REDUCED

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This classic piece of vintage tech has been carefully brought back to life, preserving its retro charm while ensuring full functionality. It bears the marks from its former life in a local middle school so review the pictures carefully. Perfect for collectors, enthusiasts, and those who appreciate the nostalgia of 8-bit computing, our restored C64 is a piece of history ready to transport you to the era of floppy disks and pixelated adventures. Capacitors have only been replaced as needed.


  • Commodore 64 Computer - NO Power Supply
    • Serial Number: P5148328
    • Board: 250425
    • 8-Pin Video Port


  • Appearance:        ⭐⭐
  • Operation:           ⭐⭐⭐⭐
  • Completeness:    ⭐⭐


The Keys are a bit yellowed and badge is damaged. It is clearly marked "Kennedy K32" to indicate it was used at the local Kennedy Middle School. It is also engraved on the front with "CM-613  School Dist 4J, Eugene OR" and has a mirror sticker warning that "Federal law prohibits the copying or illegal use of Copyrighted Programs" This machine was recently restored and ran the diagnostic cartridge tests successfully for several hours. Vic-II is ceramic which tend to have worse jailbars than later VIC-IIs.

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Cutaway Commodore 64

Important Information

This is a vintage computer so you should know what that entails.

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  • These are 20+ year old machines so they can, and will, fail. If dealing with that is not your bag then I suggest using an emulator on modern hardware.
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